• P.O. Box 1976 | Calumet City, IL 60409
  • 312-809-9322
  • P.O. Box 1976 | Calumet City, IL 60409
  • 312-809-9322



STC Basketball Alliance Youth Activites


Peer/Mentor Support

Providing outlets that aid in crime prevention, self-control and self-esteem

Climbing Up The Ladder To Success

Providing the resources, education and support needed to succeed in school, the community and beyond.

A Place Where Young Adolescents Have A Voice

Providing non-judgemental views by having an Open Ear policy, where we listen and provide solutions needed to succeed.

The world we live in can be challenging at times. And with the fatherless rate going up it often elevates those challenges, which often times can cause destructive behaviors. By providing healthy mentoring and guidance everyday challenges can be resolved by structural solutions. Whether a young lady just needs a female role model to talk to that can relate to her concerns and challenges or if a young man is in need of the tools that will teach him self control, and how to avoid going to jail and getting lost in the system, we offer solutions that will shape their future.

We build alliances with public officials, businesses and other nonprofit organizations to build trust and serve youth and families in our community. 

This program is designed to challenge, build and educate our youth by providing a safe, healthy and supportive family environment. This program is both engaging and encouraging and was created to minimize crime and build self esteem. Adolescent boys and girls learn how to open up about suppressed feelings with educated, successful mentors, which helps eliminate anger and violence. They also learn how to handle everyday life issues in a more positive way.

Solomon’s Man Cave ℠ (for boys and young men ages 12 to 22)

Every man needs a safe haven, they call it the “Man Cave”. During the Fall/Spring we have open gym where mentor leaders come together to provide guidance and support to young men by conducting open panel discussions, and offer youth activities that both encourage and engage. This is a great way for young boys to gain insight from their peers and mentors, and allows them the ability to empty unwanted suppressed thoughts by talking to people that can relate and understand, and are able to provide solutions and resources needed to succeed.

We are currently looking for high school girls who are interested in playing basketball. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our program contact us.

YDCA programs


Community Builders is a youth program that focuses on our three "Keys