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Invest Like The Pros

YDCA / Invest Like The Pros

Invest Like The Pros


We kick off our upcoming (Invest Like The Pros Stop-The-Crime) training with youth learning business savvy skillsets ranging from business, investing, entrepreneurship, crime prevention and STEM programs underway starting Spring to Summer. We have CPD Sergeant, Chicago Business Investors and Bank Executives working with our young athletes to bridge the gap of racism, education disparity and business opportunities to fund raise and provide each student with a $200– $500 academic stipend towards their educational expenses. We’ve been around since 2011 helping students see their academic goals be achieved as a result, some students return after graduation to serve as mentors.

YDCA would like to request a monetary donation to contribute to the academic development of these hard-working students who demonstrate leadership and excellence that participate in our financial literacy programs. We so appreciate your potential monetary, gift card or in-kind donation!

Beggars Pizza featured us in their 2018 Calendar, Loyola University Law Department in their 2020 Magazine, and The Business Interruption Grant on their 2021 social network platforms to honor our community service efforts helping students graduate, enroll in college, career build and achieve academic success.

Location: Virtual Learning
Date: July 5, 2021
Duration: 29 Days
Grade Level: High School Students
Topic: Financial